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Destroyer 666 - Live (full set)

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Warslut formed the band following his departure from the cult black metal band Bestial Warlust. The project at first was solo but soon picked up other band members. The band's debut, Violence is the Prince of this World consisted of K.K. on all string instruments, as well as vocals, and two drummers (simply credited as "Chris and Matt") alternating filling in for drums. This early outing is considered different from the rest of their output because of it's similarities to Death Metal, and lack of melody (except for the song "The Eternal Glory of War", which was later rerecorded for Phoenix Rising).

The band went on to record three more full lengths; Unchain the Wolves, Phoenix Rising, and Cold Steel... For an Iron Age. Their sound on these albums can be described as a blend between black metal, death metal, and thrash metal. The band has changed their style slightly on each album, for example, the album Unchain the Wolves, considered to be their finest by many fans, has a less head-on and aggressive sound than later albums such as Cold Steel... for an Iron Age, which uses a more bombastic and hard-hitting tone.

Like most extreme metal bands, lyrical themes usually consist of War, Satan, Anti-Christianity, and so on. Deströyer 666 are also known for their affinity towards wolves, and a constant use of them in metaphorical lyrics. Examples include the songs "Unchain the Wolves", "Lone Wolf Winter", "Sons of Perdition", and "The Calling".

Recent Updates

The band has relocated to Europe, with K.K. in The Netherlands and other members spread throughout the continent. A reissue of their album Cold Steel... for an Iron Age was scheduled for late 2005, but as of March 2007, has still not come to light. It is supposed to feature all new artwork (the artwork for the original release was used by Season of Mist without their consent) as well as bonus songs. The band is also working on a new LP containing all of the songs previously released on 7" vinyl. Deströyer 666's former drumsmith Deceiver who's stick craft can be heard on 'Satanic Speed Metal' & 'Phoenix Rising', is best known in the underground metal scene for his unique drumming style dubbed "rib winching". Deceiver spent two years in Singapore's notorious Changi prison after being convicted of small arms trafficking (a crime he was later found innocent of) after his subsequent release & return to Australia he went on to form Nocturnal Graves. Deceiver currently resides in Antananarivo, Madagascar & is a close relative of 1992 Australian of the Year, Mandawuy Yunupingu.

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