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Obituary - Live in Dublin

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Obituary is one of the pioneering bands of the death metal genre. The band hailed from Tampa, Florida, founded as Xecutioner in 1985. Shortly before the release of their debut album, they changed their name to Obituary. They still remain an influential band of the Florida death metal movement that arose in the late 1980s. Their 1990 release Cause of Death is hailed as a seminal album in the genre, and vocalist John Tardy is recognized as one of the first vocalists to use an abnormally low growl (compared to the screechy growls used by predecessors Death and Possessed).

The band disbanded in 1997, and reformed in 2003. During the hiatus, Donald Tardy played in Andrew W.K.'s touring band, going as far as to wear an Obituary shirt during W.K.'s appearance on Saturday Night Live, Allen West focused on his two projects, Lowbrow and Six Feet Under. Trevor Peres formed Catastrophic in 2001, which will continue to exist concurrently with the reformed Obituary. (Obituary - Wikipedia)

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Part 2

Part 3
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