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Meshuggah - Columbus (Live - 2002)

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Meshuggah is a Swedish five-piece experimental metal band formed in 1987. The band is comprised of founding members Jens Kidman and guitarist Fredrik Thordendal, drummer Tomas Haake (who joined in 1990), rhythm guitarist Mårten Hagström (who joined in 1994) and bassist Dick Lövgren (member since 2004).

Meshuggah first attracted international attention with the 1995 release Destroy Erase Improve for their fusion of death metal, thrash metal and progressive metal. On the album Chaosphere, released in 1998, the band used fast tempo death metal with Thordendal's typical free jazz-like solos. With their 2002 album Nothing, Meshuggah started to use eight-string guitars with two extra low strings and incorporate downtuned, slow, groovy riffs. In 2004 and 2005, Meshuggah experimented with one 21-minute song on the I EP and a "one song album" Catch Thirtythree separated into 13 sections. The latest album, obZen, was released in 2008.

They have become renowned for their complex, innovative and precise musicianship and songwriting, polyrhythmic song structures and technical prowess. Meshuggah have been labeled as one of the ten most important hard and heavy bands by Rolling Stone and as the most important band in metal by Alternative Press. Since its formation, Meshuggah has released six studio albums, five EPs and eight music videos. Nothing and the following albums charted on the Billboard 200. ObZen reached No. 59 and sold 11,400 copies in the first week and 50,000 copies six months after its release. In 2006, the band was nominated for a Swedish Grammy Award. Meshuggah have performed in various international festivals, including Ozzfest and Download, and are on a world tour in 2008. Your Ad Here

Slayer - New York (1988-08-31)

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Mayhem - Cult Of Aggression

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The original film, "Cult of Aggression", was released in 2002 and received its world premiere in 2004 at the Oslo Filmfestival, where it was shown twice.

"The first documentary about MAYHEM, 'Cult of Aggression', was about their history — mainly about their music, but, of course, if a band has such a bloody history as MAYHEM, you can't [leave] that out of the documentary," Rydehed previously told BLABBERMOUTH.NET.

"'Cult of Aggression' was mainly with Manheim and Necro Butcher but had a few parts about Dead when I used a voice-over and some folks who lived in Kråkstad when the band had their rehersal/livingplace there," Rydehed added Your Ad Here

Dream Theater - Live At The Budokan

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Dream Theater is an American progressive metal band formed in 1985 under the name "Majesty" by John Myung, John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy while they attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, before they dropped out to support the band. Though a number of lineup changes followed, the three original members remain today along with James LaBrie and Jordan Rudess.

Dream Theater has become a successful progressive rock band, despite the drop in popularity of the genre since the mid-1970s. Although the band has had a few successful hits (notably "Pull Me Under" in the early 1990s, which received extensive MTV rotation), they have mostly stayed underground for their career, feeding off support from their fans.

The band is well known for the technical proficiency of its instrumentalists, who have won many awards from music instruction magazines. Dream Theater's members have collaborated with many other notable musicians. Guitarist John Petrucci has been named as the third player on the G3 tour six times, more than any other invited guitarist, following in the footsteps of Eric Johnson, Robert Fripp, and Yngwie Malmsteen. Your Ad Here

Amon Amarth - Cry of The Black Birds

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Raise your swords up high!
See the black birds fly!
Let them hear your rage!
Show no fear!

Charge your horses across the fields
Together we ride into destiny
Have no fear of death, when its our time
Oden will bring us home, when we die!

The ground trembles under us
As we make our thunder charge
The pounding hooves spread panic and fear into their hearts
Our helmets shine in the sun as we near their wall of shields
Some of them turn and run
When they hear our frenzied screams!

Draw your swords to strike!
Hear the Black Birds cry!
Let them feel your hate!
Show no fear!

Charge your horses across the fields
Together we ride into destiny
Have no fear of death, when its our time
Oden will bring us home, when we die!

The enemy are in disarray ride them down as they run
Send them to their violent graves don't spare anyone
Dead and wounded lie all around see the pain in their eyes
Over the field an eerie sound, as we hear the ravens cry Your Ad Here

Amon Amarth - Runes To My Memory

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We hold the rivers of the eastern trail
Deep in the land of the Rus
Following the wind in our sails
And the rythm of the oars

No shelter in this hostile land
Constantly on guard
Ready to fight and defend, our ship to bitter end

We came under attack
I received a deadly wound
A spear was forced into my back
Still I fought on

When I am dead, lay me in a mound
Raise a stone for all to see
Runes come to my memory!

Here I lie on the river bank
A long long way from home
Life is pouring out of me
Soon I will be gone
I tilt my head, to the side
And think of those back home
I see the river rushing by
The blood runs from my wound

Here I lie, on wet sand
I will not make it home
I clench my sword in my hand
Say farewell to those I love

When I am dead, lay me in a mound
Place my weapons by my side
For the journey to hall up high

When I am dead, lay me in a mound
Raise a stone for all to see
Runes come to my memory!
To my memory Your Ad Here

Cannibal Corpse - Make Them Suffer

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The discography of Cannibal Corpse, a five-piece American death metal band formed in Buffalo, New York in 1988, consists of ten studio albums, two extended plays, three DVDs, one live album, and one box set. The current lineup for Cannibal Corpse is comprised of guitarists Rob Barrett and Pat O'Brien, vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, bassist Alex Webster and drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz.

In 1989, they recorded a self-titled demo, and with the good repercussion drew the attention of Metal Blade Records, with whom they signed a contract to record their debut album Eaten Back to Life, that was released in 1990. Followed by two studio albums, 1991's Butchered at Birth, and 1992's Tomb of the Mutilated. In 1993, guitarist Bob Rusay left the band, and was replaced by Rob Barrett, who joined the group in time to appear with the band in Jim Carrey's film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. In 1994, they released The Bleeding, the debut record with Barrett, and the last album with vocalist Chris Barnes, who left the band to concentrate on his side project Six Feet Under. George "Corpsegringer" Fisher took the post as vocalist, with whom the band released Vile in 1996, resulting as the band's first album to appear on the Billboard 200 chart, debuting at number 151. On the next album, 1998's Gallery of Suicide, Rob Barrett was replaced by Pat O'Brien. In 1999, they released Bloodthirst, followed by the group's first live album, the 2000's Live Cannibalism. Gore Obsessed was released in 2002, followed by the boxed set 15 Year Killing Spree, a four-disc career retrospective, that was released in 2003. The ninth album The Wretched Spawn, was released in 2004, followed by Kill in 2006, that appeared on the Billboard 200 chart at number 170. As of 2008, their latest release is the DVD Centuries of Torment: The First 20 Years, containing a three-disc documentary with the band's history and several Your Ad Here

Dimmu Borgir - Live At Wacken (2001)

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Dimmu Borgir started as a melodic black metal band in 1993. Formed by Shagrath, Silenoz, and Tjodalv, the band released an EP in 1994 entitled Inn i evighetens mørke ("Into the Darkness of Eternity" in English). This short EP sold out within weeks, and the band followed up with the 1994 full length album For all tid. This album featured musical contributions by members of Dødheimsgard and Ved Buens Ende. The initial lineup consisted of Shagrath playing guitar with Tjodalv on drums and Silenoz backing vocals, however this changed before the release of Stormblåst (translates to "Storm Blown") on Cacophonous Records in 1996. Stormblåst received high praise from many melodic black metal fans, and is often regarded as a highlight of the band's career. It is also the last album which features all lyrics written and sung in Norwegian. Your Ad Here

Lecherous Nocturne - Just War Theory

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"Just War Theory", the new video from the South Carolina-based extreme metal band LECHEROUS NOCTURNE, can be viewed below.

Commented the group: "We would like to thank Garrett Williams and everyone in his crew who endured the long hours, oppressive heat, insomnia, and cheap beer."

The band added: "This video is a spot-on representation of our live show, and something we've wanted to do for years now."

"Just War Theory" comes off LECHEROUS NOCTURNE's second album, "The Age of Miracles Has Passed", which is scheduled for release on October 21 via Unique Leader Records.

Once again recorded at SoundLab Studio in Columbia, South Carolina, "The Age of Miracles Has Passed" is said to be "a refined yet diversified progression from 2006's 'Adoration of the Blade'." Your Ad Here

Suffocation - Jesus Wept (Moscow)

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Suffocation recorded the albums Human Waste, Effigy of the Forgotten, Breeding the Spawn, Pierced from Within, and Despise the Sun before breaking up in 1998. Suffocation reunited in 2002, featuring the return of original drummer Mike Smith, though minus long-time members Doug Cerrito and Chris Richards. The band released Souls to Deny in 2004 and launched an extensive global touring campaign to promote the album. After over 200 shows, the band recorded and self-released their first live CD Close Of A Chapter: Live In Quebec City. A self-titled album was released in 2006 through Relapse Records, which again saw the launch of an extensive worldwide touring jaunt. In 2007, Suffocation was featured in an advertisement for the History Channel's program The Dark Ages. They are currently compiling material for a live DVD, although the release has been delayed due to footage that was planned for the DVD being stolen, and also because they were waiting for their contract with Relapse Records to run out.

On June 4, 2007, Suffocation and their label, Relapse Records officially parted ways. They will embark on a European tour in 2008. Their next studio album Blood Oath is nearly complete, however it does not yet have a release date but it will be released through Nuclear Blast records. Your Ad Here

Eternal Majesty - Live In Bordeaux

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Born in 1995, Eternal Majesty has developed his own vision of Black Metal to celebrate your inside Darkness. With his mid tempo, speed, a little bit melodic and depressive Black Metal, added arrangements are creating dark and cold atmospheres. Now Eternal Majesty is a vision beyond good and evil, a spectator of human misery.

Line up: Navint (Sepulchral Goetia) - Martyr (Traumatic Hellstrings) – Sagoth (Throbbing Black Art) – Thorgon (Battle Artillery) Your Ad Here

Moonspell - Under the Moonspel

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Moonspell is a Portuguese black metal/gothic metal band with death/doom metal elements, formed in 1989 as Morbid God. After renaming themselves Moonspell in 1992, they released their first EP Under the Moonspell in 1994, a year before of the release of their first album Wolfheart. The band quickly gained status and became one of the most recognizable metal bands from Portugal.

Moonspell reached the Portuguese top first with their album Sin/Pecado, and were, along with Metallica and Iron Maiden, the only metal band to reach the first place of the Portuguese charts after the release of their latest album, Memorial, in 2006. With Memorial, Moonspell also became the first Portuguese heavy metal band to have a record certified gold status. They are also very popular in Germany, where Memorial entered in 68th in the Top 100 Chart.
Track listing

1. "Allah Akbar! La Allah Ella Allah! (Praeludium/Incantatum Solstitium)" – 1:51
2. "Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento I/Erudit Compendyum) (Interludium/Incantatum Oequinoctium)" – 7:25
3. "Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento II/Erotic Compendyum)" – 6:02
4. "Opus Diabolicum (Andamento III/Instrumental Compendyum)" – 4:22
5. "Chorai Lusitânia! (Epilogus / Incantatam Maresia)" – 1:46 Your Ad Here

Slayer - Still Reigning Live

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Still Reigning is a live performance DVD by the thrash metal band Slayer, released in 2004 through American Recordings. Filmed at the Augusta Civic Center on July 11, 2004, the performance showcases Slayer's 1986 album, Reign in Blood, played in its entirety with the four original band members on a set resembling their 1986 "Reign in Pain" tour. Still Reigning was voted "best live DVD" by the readers of Revolver magazine, and received gold certification in 2005.

The finale features Slayer covered in stage blood while performing the song "Raining Blood", which led to a demanding mixing process plagued by production and technical difficulties. The DVD's producer Kevin Shirley, spent hours replacing cymbal and drum hits one-by-one. He publicly aired financial disagreements he had with the band and criticized the quality of the recording, and as a result was allegedly subjected to threats and insults from people associated with the band. Your Ad Here

Iced Earth - Alive In Athens

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Iced Earth is an American heavy metal band that combines influences from thrash metal, power metal, progressive metal, opera, speed metal and NWOBHM. Iced Earth has been known to have a volatile and oft changing line-up. Founding member, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist Jon Schaffer being the only original member who has remained, handling nearly all of the songwriting and leading the band. Current vocalist Matt Barlow and former lead guitarist Randall Shawver are the next longest-tenured members, the only people besides Schaffer to have spent a full decade in the band. Shawver, the first lead guitarist to record with the band, joined in 1988 and remained until 1998. Barlow joined in 1994 and remained until 2003, when he was inspired by the September 11, 2001 attacks in the U.S. to leave the band and become a law enforcement officer. However, he returned to the group in late 2007. In 1999 Jon Schaffer teamed up with Blind Guardian vocalist Hansi Kürsch to form a side project called Demons & Wizards and have released two albums to date. Your Ad Here

Satan Rides the Media (Satan Rir Media)

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Satan rir media (Satan Rides the Media) is a 1998 Norwegian documentary by Torstein Grude. The film covers the controversy that surrounded black metal musician Varg Vikernes in the early 1990s, who not only has been tied to a series of church arsons in Norway, but received widespread media attention for the admitted murder of Mayhem band member Øystein Aarseth.

According to Satan rir media, two (unnamed) trainee journalists had approached the Bergens Tidende (BT), a major Norwegian newspaper, with a story they had done with Vikernes. This story mentioned the torching of churches; journalist Finn Bjørn Tønder, who had previously reported about a dead animal that had been found on the steps of the Fantoft stave church after the fire, became curious. He persuaded the two to show him the man and eventually met Vikernes, describing him in the documentary as the "weirdest person I think I have ever met in my life".

The journalists explained to Vikernes that if he "intended the things he had said to be PR for his music", they "would have to be able to check the information against the police evidence and any other background". Vikernes told them he was a Satanist and that Satanists were behind the arsons and a murder at Lillehammer involving another black metal musician. He also told them about a hare that had been decapitated at the Fantoft stave church. Tønder later confirmed the details Vikernes had given him with the forensics at Haukeland Hospital and the police by telephone. According to Bjørn Tønder, he later found out that his queries had apparently stirred up the police, who wondered where this information was coming from. This is affirmed by the Bergen police officer Svein E. Krogvold. According to Krogvold, the police were already closing in on Vikernes but did not have enough evidence to make an arrest. When they heard that the BT was to run a story on this, they made the arrest anyway. It would be embarrassing if the police seemed without an idea while this story was on the front page. Vikernes was arrested the same night.

While Tønder insists in the documentary that he had protected his source, Vikernes (who was also interviewed) was convinced that Tønder "must have given them the address for the arrest". The documentary also shows briefly how the Norwegian media hyped the Satanist angle and arguably inspired copycat arsons.

It is interesting to note that in the segment where Vikernes is talking about the murder of Aarseth, the scene fades out just as he is about to explain his side of what happenened in the apartment; that it was in self-defence, leaving the viewer to assume that it was a pre-meditated murder motivated by an afformentioned, and arguably fictitious, power struggle between the two in the black metal scene. A full account of the incident is provided by Vikernes on his band, Burzum's website. Your Ad Here

Deicide - Doomsday LA

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'Doomsday L.A.' is the second live DVD released by Deicide. It was released shortly after the Doomsday L.A. live EP was released on iTunes. The bonus material on the DVD are interviews with the band members, as well as the videos for Homage For Satan and Desecration.


1. Intro
2. Dead By Dawn
3. Once Upon The Cross
4. Scars Of The Crucifix
5. The Stench Of Redemption
6. Death To Jesus
7. When Satan Rules His World
8. Serpents Of The Light
9. Dead But Dreaming
10. They Are The Children Of The Underworld
11. Bastard Of Christ
12. Desecration
13. Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise
14. When Heaven Burns
15. Walk With The Devil In Dreams You Behold
16. Homage For Satan
17. Lunatic Of God's Creation
18. Kill The Christian
19. Sacrificial Suicide Your Ad Here

Amon Amarth - Twilight Of The Thunder God (making of)

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We recently returned from Poland after shooting the first video for the upcoming album "Twilight of the Thunder God". The video will be for the title track.

We joined efforts with the Polish team, Group 13 and director Dariusz Szermanowicz for "Twilight of the Thunder God" and filmed it on the old Viking site, Jomsborg, home of the Jomsvikings in Wolin, Poland.

Our brothers from Jomsvikings traveled from far and wide, places like Poland, Germany, Belgium, England, Australia and USA to be part of this great video.

It seemed that the Thunder God was on our side when shooting the video because a hurricane/storm passed through the area during the day, creating the chaotic and violent atmosphere we were hoping for. It was the toughest conditions we ever recorded a video in, blood and sweat, quite literally both, were part of the making. But we don't mind getting our hands dirty and metal was never supposed to be "nice". In fact we couldn't have wished for a more fitting video shoot for this song, being the Ragnarök and all!

We want to thank Igor for making this possible, Blodhvitnir Meldric and Sana, the Group 13 crew for their professional work and of course the Jomsvikings for being made of steel!

The album and video "Twilight of the Thunder God" will make its debut in September. Your Ad Here

Amon Amarth - Twilight Of The Thunder God trailer

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Twilight of the Thunder God is the seventh studio album by the Swedish melodic death band Amon Amarth. Twilight of the Thunder God will be released on September 17 in Sweden and Finland, September 19 in Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy, September 30 in North America and September 22 for the rest of Europe.

In anticipation of this album, there was a series of studio diaries in the form of vlogs that discussed the recording process of this album in the studio. There were six vlogs recorded. The first focused on Fredrik Andersson recording the drums[4]. The second vlog focused on Olavi Mikkonen recording the rhythm guitar position[5]. The third blog focused on Ted Lundström recording bass guitar and band members preparing food. The fourth episode focused on Johan Hegg recording vocals. The fifth video was Johan Söderberg performing and recording guitar solos. The final vlog featured Johan Söderberg packing up the studio and a sneak peak of the album.

There is also a series of 8-page comics titled "Twilight of the Thunder God" which will be released in magazines throughout Europe.

On June 27, 2008, the title of this album was announced, it being "Twilight of the Thunder God". Twilight of the Thunder God features several high-profile guest appearances including Entombed vocalist Lars Göran Petrov on "Guardians of Asgaard", Children of Bodom guitarist Roope Latvala who contributes a solo on the track "Twilight of the Thunder God" and Finnish cello metal band Apocalyptica as a guest appearance on "Live for the Kill".

Approximately a month later on July 25, 2008, the album artwork was revealed, featuring Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, in battle with Jörmungandr.

On August 27, 2008, Amon Amarth released the information that they had recently finished work on a video clip for the title track of the album. The video clip was shot in Jomsborg, Poland. The band notes that while they were there, a heavy storm came through the town, resulting in the roughest conditions the band has ever shot a music video in. Your Ad Here

Belphegor - Live in Holland 2007

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Belphegor was formed in 1993, originally under the name Betrayer. After the release of their first demo, "Bloodbath in Paradise" the band became popular in the underground metal scene. Their first album The Last Supper was released by Lethal Records, the two following ones by Last Episode (now known as Black Attakk) which they called a "rip-off label" afterwards. After releasing their live album Infernal Live Orgasm on their own label Phallelujah Productions, they signed with Napalm Records. In 2003, they released Lucifer Incestus, their fourth full-length album. However, their relationship with Napalm Records did not last, as they said afterwards that the label didn’t support them enough and they were "fed up with this respectless treatment". The band is currently signed with Nuclear Blast and has released two albums to date with them, Pestapokalypse VI and Bondage Goat Zombie.

In February-March 2007 the band toured North America with Unleashed, Krisiun and Hatesphere, and played at the famous Wacken Open Air festival in August. In January, founding member Sigurd underwent eye surgery, and has been unable to play since. On April 15th, they released Bondage Goat Zombie, and will tour Europe with Grave and supporting Nile. For a long time, it was not known whether Sigurd would be able to play or not, having reportedly undergone eye surgery at the beginning of 2008. However, Helmuth said that Sigurd had chosen to leave the band permanently. He was replaced with another guitarist, Morluch, who is currently listed on the band's MySpace page. Your Ad Here

Children Of Bodom - Live Tuska 2003

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Children of Bodom is a heavy metal band from the city of Espoo, Finland. There is some contention regarding the band's genre classification, but in general the band's musical style can be described as a cross between melodic death metal[1] and power metal[2]. The band's name is derived from the Lake Bodom murders.[3]

The lyrics of Children of Bodom's songs are written in English and are most often concerned with the subjects of death/the grim reaper, personal struggles, war and the Lake Bodom murders. Recent albums have seen a shift to more antagonistic lyrics (songs such as "You're Better Off Dead" and "In Your Face") and a more straight-forward heavy metal style. Your Ad Here

Dark Funeral - Live Wacken Open Air Festival 2003

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Dark Funeral is a Swedish black metal band started in 1993 by Lord Ahriman and Blackmoon. They released a self-titled EP in 1994. Their full-length debut was 1996's The Secrets Of The Black Arts. Blackmoon and original vocalist Themgoroth left the band shortly thereafter. Themrogoth was replaced by current vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula. There have been other lineup changes over the years, and Lord Ahriman is the lone remaining original member. Your Ad Here

Morbid Angel - Wacken 2006

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The reunited Morbid Angel was up next and for many people seeing them play those old tunes from the early 90s was a dream come true. Sadly, Morbid Angel's show suffered from the same issues that most extreme bands were having in Wacken, namely that the sound engineers weren't able to prevent their music from sounding like a complete cacophony. Either way, some of the most brutal mosh pits of the entire Wacken experience formed at this concert and I am not surprised. Your Ad Here

Dragonforce - Graspop 2006

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DragonForce are a British power metal band formed in London in 1999. The group is known for its fast paced songs, twin guitar solos, and the incorporation of electronic sound effects into their music. Your Ad Here

At The Gates - Live at Corona

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At the Gates is a melodic death metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They are a progenitor of the Gothenburg sound of heavy metal along with other bands of the Gothenburg metal scene such as Dark Tranquillity and In Flames. Your Ad Here

Arsis - We Are The Nightmare (Version II)

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The band's main composer, singer/songwriter James Malone, did all the guitar, vocals, and bass work on every studio album. His main influences include King Diamond, Iron Maiden, At the Gates, Morbid Angel, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir and Dissection.[citation needed]

Mike Van Dyne quit Arsis in early 2007 to further his education; he has since joined the New York hardcore band Crimson Mask.

Noah Martin did in fact play bass on the album, United in Regret.

Darren Cesca left the band in 2008 citing differences in musical direction. It was announced that he would be replaced on tour by Alex Tomlin of Battlemaster. The band has since recruited Shawn Priest to play drums. Your Ad Here

Arsis - We Are The Nightmare (Version I)

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Arsis is an American death metal band from Virginia Beach, Virginia, formed in 2000. Although remaining as heavy as traditional death metal bands, they also possess complex riffs and solos that are similar to those found in both melodic and technical death metal. The band is currently signed to Nuclear Blast.

"Arsis" is also a musical term used to refer to the upbeat or unaccented part of a measure. Your Ad Here

Krisiun - Kings Of Killing

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Comprised of three brothers, they have an extensive discography by this point, with seven full-lengths and a couple EPs floating around internationally. “Live Armageddon” isn’t the best example of a music DVD I’ve ever encountered, though it does indeed have its moments, which should please eager fanatics who have never seen this trio perform live.

Poland’s 2004 Metalmania festival plays host to KRISIUN during the first part of this release and since the recording is suave, it’s no surprise that the above performance serves as the foundation here. While the sound and visuals glimmer naturally, the fact that the members themselves are spread far apart on stage makes the experience a little less exciting than I prefer. Also, the fest barriers limit the audience interaction and I can’t help but feel detached during their performance. Still, they touch on respectable numbers such as “Dawn Of Flagellation,” “Murderer,” and “Conquerors Of Armageddon,” even though Metalmania peters out after only nine songs. The “bonus video,” as it were, is a recording of a 2004 effort from Sao Paulo, Brazil and as an astute conjecture would predict, the tracklist does indeed overlap. There are a few songs that don’t, but the heavy hitters appear in both concerts, automatically killing the need to re-watch the inferior of the two. The Sao Paulo footage, while featuring a more intimate crowd, is not on par with the other recording. As one moves along to Wacken 2001, the footage takes an even deeper dive by relying on a handheld video camera for the entire set and when the smoke machines eject their loads, it’s hilarious because you won’t be able to see a thing. Nonetheless, it’s fun to watch the Wacken crowd react and KRISIUN do put on a good live show. In addition to the live material, “Live Armageddon” has the “Works Of Carnage” recording sessions, the “Murderer” music video, a biography, discography, photo gallery, etc., etc., etc. Your Ad Here

Arckanum - Gava Fran Trulen

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Arckanum is the name of a Swedish black metal band. They formed in 1993 and released their debut album in 1995. Their lyrics are written in Old Swedish and deal mainly with the worship of Chaos and Pan. Johan "S" Lahger (or Shamaatae) is the the only regular member of Arckanum. He was the author of a book entitled PanParadox – Pan Towards Chaos. Your Ad Here

Anata - Entropy Within

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Anata is a technical death metal band from Varberg, Sweden that formed in 1993.To date, they have released two demos, four albums and a split album with Bethzaida. In 2005, they completed recordings for an album titled The Conductor's Departure, released on June 12, 2006 on Earache Records/Wicked World Records labels. Anata have toured Europe with death metal acts such as: Dismember, Decapitated, Rotting Christ and Psycroptic. In 2006 Anata played at Maryland Deathfest, Baltimore; their first US appearance to date. Anata have also performed at festivals in Europe such as Fuck the Commerce, Neurotic Deathfest and Gothenburg Deathfest. Your Ad Here

PSYCROPTIC - Live In Perth '05

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PSYCROPTIC Live @ HQ Skate Park, Leederville Perth

Psycroptic was formed in 1999 by brothers Dave (drums) and Joe (guitar) Haley who had previously been involved in a band called Disseminate. That group had recorded a demo in 1998 before disbanding. Shortly afterward, the Haleys created Psycroptic with Cameron Grant on bass and vocalist Matthew Chalk, who soon after became a drummer with established local death metal act M.S.I.. With assistance from the Tasmanian Council of the Arts, the band recorded The Isle of Disenchantment that was designed only as a demo but the result impressed the band enough to release it as a proper CD. Shortly after it was released the band was invited to play shows in Melbourne and in late 2001 they featured at the annual Metal for the Brain festival in Canberra for the first time, later also appearing in 2003 and 2005. Your Ad Here

Hypocrisy - Scrutinized

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Hypocrisy is a death metal band from Sweden. It was formed in 1990 in Ludvika, Sweden by Peter Tägtgren. The lyrics in their early stages were anti-Christian and Satanic, but are now focused on lyrical themes such as the paranormal and extraterrestrial. The band's style has drifted from a traditional death metal sound on their early albums, to a more melodic death metal sound with traits of blackened death metal later on. Their latest album, Virus, contains lyrics of a more typical death metal nature dealing with violence, the horrors of reality, insanity, torture, war, drug addiction, and emotional struggles. Your Ad Here

Hypocrisy - Fractured Millenium

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Feigning to be what one is not is something Renaissance man Peter Tägtgren can never be accused of. A living embodiment of music (who has also appeared in three films and written music for one), Tägtgren has been a central and active figure in the extreme metal movement for over a decade. With a list of Abyss Studio production credits (Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Marduk) linking him to some of the most groundbreaking albums of recent times and rightfully hailed by Alternative Press as “the Rick Rubin of Scandinavian metal,” the restless genius of Peter Tägtgren can be equally measured by the vast list of his own musical output. A well-known insomniac workaholic who lives life at a relentless pace, the vice of Tägtgren’s work ethic has proven to be virtuous for the underground scene. 2005’s Virus boasts a lethal combination of reptilian vocals, powerful percussion, grandiose atmospherics, and symphonic requiems, truly revisiting all previous parts of the HYPOCRISY catalogue. Once Virus infects you with its beautifully brutal and painstakingly produced music, a worldwide pandemic is inevitable. Your Ad Here

Immortal - Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark

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Blashyrkh is a fictional kingdom heavily featured in the lyrics of black metal band Immortal. According to the band's singer and guitarist Abbath, this frozen kingdom was created by the hatred of both himself and Demonaz. It is ruled by a giant raven god called the "Mighty Ravendark". On the album Battles in the North, in the eponymous song, he is referred to as "the Oath of Frost, who sits on the elder raventhrone," and as "the rightful king of the highest halls."

Blashyrkh is eternally covered with frost, snow and winter, as can be learned from the album "At the Heart of Winter":

Blashyrkh mighty be your name victorious a kingdom we made
with strength and pride all the way you are at the heart of winter

The statue watches the kingdom your giant wings make all beneath
I'm staring forth the raventhrone I know I'm at the heart of winter Your Ad Here

Morbid Angel - Chapel Of Ghouls

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Formative genetic material of death metal, this band formed in 1984 and released its first album in 1987, being inspired by Slayer but eventually moving on to more progressive works with the genre-definitive Blessed Are the Sick in 1991. Progressive, rhythmic, complex and evil death metal with lyrics well-crafted from Sumerian and Lovecraftian domains. Not surprisingly, Covenant was the first death metal album released on a major label as even musicians outside the genre found the band technically and artistically impressive. Your Ad Here

Morbid Angel - Immortal Rites

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Morbid Angel is an American death metal band based in Tampa, Florida. They, along with Death, Possessed, Obituary, Deicide, Massacre, Cannibal Corpse, and a handful of others were crucial in the development of the death metal genre and its standards, seperating it from the thrash metal genre completely. UK music magazine Terrorizer ranked two Morbid Angel albums in its "Top 40 Greatest Death Metal Albums," with Altars of Madness appearing at #1. Decibel Magazine also rated guitarist Trey Azagthoth as the #1 "Death Metal Guitarist Ever". The band's songs are complex in arrangement, owing to the considerable technical skills of both Azagthoth and drummer Pete Sandoval (who also played in the grindcore/death metal band Terrorizer). Your Ad Here

Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face (live)

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Hammer Smashed Face is Cannibal Corpse's first EP. It was released in 1993 through Metal Blade Records. There is also a "Hammer Smashed Face" single containing only the first three songs. "Hammer Smashed Face" is one of the band's most popular songs, mainly due to a shortened version appearing in the film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Since it is listed on Tomb of the Mutilated, it was banned from Germany until June 2006, when it was played at a 2006 performance at Essen. Two different covers were made, one is the single version shown to the lower-right, which is a close up of a skull candle which is in the right corner of the Tomb of the Mutilated album cover, and an EP version shown at the upper-right, depicting a man who has been repeatedy pulverized with a hammer, and then had the hammer thrust into his temple.

The lyrics tell the story of a man who has a second personality which drives him insane, so he goes on a killing spree with a hammer. Your Ad Here

Suffocation - Surgery Of Impalement

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Suffocation recorded the albums Human Waste, Effigy of the Forgotten, Breeding the Spawn, Pierced from Within, and Despise the Sun before breaking up in 1998. Suffocation reunited in 2002, featuring the return of original drummer Mike Smith, though minus long-time members Doug Cerrito and Chris Richards. The band released Souls to Deny in 2004 and launched an extensive global touring campaign to promote the album. After over 200 shows, the band recorded and self-released their first live CD Close Of A Chapter: Live In Quebec City. A self-titled album was released in 2006 through Relapse Records, which again saw the launch of an extensive worldwide touring jaunt. In 2007, Suffocation was featured in an advertisement for the History Channel's program The Dark Ages.[1] They are currently compiling material for a live DVD, although the release has been delayed due to footage that was planned for the DVD being stolen, and also because they were waiting for their contract with Relapse Records to run out.

On June 4, 2007, Suffocation and their label, Relapse Records officially parted ways.[2] They will embark on a European tour in 2008. Their next studio album Blood Oath is nearly complete, however it does not yet have a release date but it will be released through Nuclear Blast records. Your Ad Here

Nile - Sacrifice Unto Sebek

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The song ‘Sacrifice Unto Sebek’ though short, also stands out as a very powerful and quick song that showcases Nile’s songwriting ability perfectly. The song is rather catchy and the guitar work is superb as it mixes low and high playing into a brutal mesh of guitar and drum work. The double-bass pedals are very pronounced and greatly enhance the song. The chanting of “Tua Ashemu, Tua Ashemu, Rekhes Au Sebek, Tua Ashemu” keeps with the Egyptian theme and sounds as though it is a much more brutal version of an early metal chant. This is Nile’s equivalent of ‘Breaking the Law’ in that aspect and is absolutely unique in their ability to have a two minute blast of brutality linger in the thoughts of the listener for hours. Throughout this release the guitar is very up front and utilized perfectly. The riffing is unique and very technical throughout with styles like tremolo picking very pronounced in songs like ‘Lashed to the Slave Stick’. Your Ad Here

Abysmal Dawn - Walk the Path of Fire (Live)

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LA's Abysmal Dawn play death metal in a 1990s vein, bringing to mind greats like Malevolent Creation, Suffocation, Angelcorpse, Monstrosity, Morbid Angel, Gorguts and many, many, many others. They include Carcass/Testament technicality in their attack too but, for the most part, sound like a classic USDM band. Originality has been left outside the door. In other words, "Programmed to Consume" is pure death metal, competently played, well written, nicely packaged and cleaner than the Pope's boxer shorts.

Away from the chopping and shredding, some of the lead work strays into thrash territory and the use of shrieking vocals to complement the growls (especially on the title track and 'The Descent') lend a black-ish feel. It would in my book be insulting to refer to this as melodic death, but it's crisp and precisely-executed stuff that's noticeably less grinding than we've come to expect from Relapse recently. Your Ad Here

Abysmal Dawn - Programmed To Consume

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Abysmal Dawn unleashes a virulent strain of modern death metal on its Relapse Records debut Programmed to Consume. The band’s metallic assault thunders with all the hallmarks of death metal’s finest traits, and prove that Abysmal Dawn is an explosive new force in American death meta Your Ad Here

Morbid Angel - Live in Chile 2005

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Morbid Angel is a Florida-based death metal band assembled in 1984. They, along with Deicide, Death, Possessed, Obituary, Massacre, Cannibal Corpse and a handful of others were crucial in the development of the death metal genre and its standards. UK music magazine Terrorizer ranked two Morbid Angel albums in its "Top 40 Greatest Death Metal Albums," with Altars of Madness appearing at #1. Decibel Magazine also rated guitarist Trey Azagthoth as the #1 "Death Metal Guitarist Ever." Their songs are complex in arrangement, owing to the considerable technical skills of both Azagthoth and drummer Pete Sandoval (who also played in the grindcore/death metal band Terrorizer).

The original lyrical themes focused mostly on Satanism, paganism and anti-Christian subject matter, but from the second album, Blessed Are the Sick onward, the lyrics slowly moved toward the ancient Sumerian gods, though much of this is a nod to the Simon Necronomicon, which was influenced by Sumerian mythology as well as the author H. P. Lovecraft[1], as well as a fascination with the Roman Empire, though "anti-christian" elements continue to permeate the lyrics. Their albums are notable for being released in alphabetical order (their first album starts with the letter A, the second with B, etc.). Guitarist Trey Azagthoth has said in an interview that it was at first a coincidence with the first albums Your Ad Here

Behemoth - Mystic Fest 2001

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Behemoth is a Polish death metal band. They are considered to have played an important role in establishing the Polish extreme metal underground, alongside bands such as Vader, Decapitated, Vesania and Hate.

Until the late 1990s, the band played traditional black metal with heathen lyrical content, but soon changed to that of occult and thelemic themes written by their lead vocalist Nergal and Krzysztof Azarewicz. With the 1999 release of Satanica, the band showed their presence in the blackened death metal scene, while retaining their own signature style characterized by the drum work of Inferno, multi-layered vocals and Nile-style Middle-Eastern influences. Even though Behemoth has been labeled as death metal, black metal or thrash influenced, Nergal has mentioned that he doesn't like the band to be labeled .

Behemoth may at some point become banned from playing in their native country, Poland. In July 2007 the All-Polish Committee for Defense Against Sects distributed a list of bands that allegedly promote Satanism and murder to many Polish officials. Critics of this policy primarily see this as a violation of free speech, with the most scathing criticism generally eminating from within the metal community. As of present, the list has not gone into effect, and Behemoth is still allowed to play in Poland freely, but the band provoked further controversy in February 2008 when an official complaint had been registered by the committee, which cited a bible-tearing incident on behalf of frontman Nergal at a concert in September 2007. Your Ad Here

Obituary - Frozen Alive

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One of the greatest death metal bands in an incredible live performance from Poland - for the first time on DVD! This DVD cannot be missed by a genuine Obituary fan as it is a complete review of the band's music, featuring songs both old and new, all testifying to the musicians' technical perfection, charisma, and excellence. The DVD also includes lots of sensational bonus materials including the "Insane" video, the previously unreleased "On the Floor" video, an interview with Frank Watkins & Trevor Peres, an interview with John & Donald Tardy, 3 documentaries - the making of "Insane", the making of "Frozen in Time" album, and "Backstage in Poland" and more!

Track List:

1. (Intro: Rain)

2. Redneck Stomp

3. On the Floor

4. Insane

5. Chopped in Half

6. Turned Inside Out

7. Dying

8. (Internal Bleeding Intro)

9. Internal Bleeding

10. Back to One

11. Find the Arise

12. Back Inside

13. Threatening Skies

14. By the Light

15. (Kill for Me Intro)

16. Kill for Me

17. Solid State

18. Stand Alone

19. Back from the Dead

20. Lockjaw

21. Slow Death

22. ‘Til Death

23. Slowly We Rot

Your Ad Here

Metallica - Cliff' em all

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Cliff 'Em All is a concert video released as a tribute to Metallica's late bassist Cliff Burton. Burton was killed in a tour bus accident on September 27, 1986, near Ljungby, Sweden during the European leg of their Master of Puppets tour. The homevideo contains also a performance with Dave Mustaine on March 19, 1983, shortly before his release for heavy drugs and alcohol abuse.

The video is a retrospective on the 3½ years that Cliff Burton was in Metallica, presented as a collection of bootleg footage shot by fans, some professional filming and TV shots that were never used and some of his best bass solos, personal photos and live concerts. Photos and narrations by the band (Ulrich, Hetfield and Hammett drinking beer) are placed between songs which focus on Burton before fading into a title card of a performance. The video ends with the melodic interlude of "Orion" as pictures of Burton are shown.

With this video, the band tries to show the unique personality and style he had. While ostensibly the film focuses on Burton, it also has given fans a rare glimpse of Metallica's less-documented early career. This contrasts sharply with the 'Metallica business' represented in the feature film Some Kind of Monster.

1 Creeping Death '86 02 Am I Evil? '86 03 Damage, Inc. '86 04 Master Of Puppets '86 05 Whiplash '83 06 The Four Horsemen '85 07 Fade To Black '85 08 Seek & Destroy '85 09 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) '86 10 For Whom The Bell Tolls '85 11 No Remorse '83 12 Metal Militia Your Ad Here

Dying Fetus - Live at Club Bang in Brooklyn Nov. 7 2007

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Self-reliance and musical integrity are two principles to which Dying Fetus have always lived by. The band formed in 1991, during the height of the death metal explosion of the early years of the '90s, and have matured into one of the premiere extreme death metal/grind-core acts to ever come out of the massive global metal underground. The band is recognized worldwide as a prime example of songwriting perfection, combining an innovative mix of technical virtuosity and catchy song structures to create the ultimate blend of death metal, hardcore, and grindcore. Intensity unparalleled, and musical power unrivaled, they are the leaders of the new generation in extreme music. Their sounds and lyrics are a brutal response to the everyday stress and pressures of reality in our age, but also provide the ultimate escape from it, through their music. Your Ad Here

Amon Amarth (another full LIVE set)

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Since their humble start in 1992 as an underground band from Tumba, a suburb in southern Stockholm, AMON AMARTH have managed to establish themselves as one of Europe's top death metal acts through hard work, relentless touring, and consistently solid albums. "In the beginning it was just fun to play in our own band with our own songs, and getting a gig at the local youth recreation center was a goal big enough," recalls guitarist and main songwriter Olli Mikkonen. "Of course, goals change as you fulfill them. I always thought we had something special going on, it was just matter of time to convince everyone else."

What has set AMON AMARTH apart from the rest of the death metal scene since the very beginning, is their use of Viking mythology and imagery in lyrics and artwork, as well as a talent for writing epic, memorable melodies, which underline their solemn yet barbaric approach to heavy music. "For me the 'Viking theme' and the Norse mythology is more a philosophy of life", explains singer Johan Hegg. "It's a topic we all can stand for and that I think appeals to a lot of people, even though it also meant we had to fight a lot of prejudices. Especially here in Sweden where the stereotypical view is that people who sing about the Viking heritage are racists. I think we made the right choice though, and I think our music and our lyrics are very closely connected. They suit each other perfectly!" Your Ad Here

Vital Remains - Evil Death (LIVE)

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The American brutal death metal band Vital Remains released earlier this year their latest album ‘Icons Of Evil’, but now we have a DVD registration of their concert at March, 24th 2007 in Spodek, Katowice, better known as the Metalmania Festival. This is obviously the place to be, considering Poland’s reputation with its preference for extreme metal. The audience lifts the roof indeed.

The last two albums were sung by Deicide frontman Glen Benton, never in want of any rebellious statement. This gig is featured by Damien Boynton taking care of vocal duties, but he does it graceful, long hairs blowing on tight rhythms and quasi-nonchalant walking over the extensive stage. Principally Vital Remains exists of the unshakable duo Tony Lazaro (rhythm guitarist in a live situation) and Dave Suzuki (lead guitarist and fast as his Japanese motorcycle). The rhythm section this evening includes Brian Hobbie (bass) and Antonio Donadeo (drums). They serve you more than one hour mauling at your favourite rhythm. Without fringes, with lashings of inciting guitar skills.

As I said before, the gig at Metalmania is featured on the DVD. Mainly songs coming from the two latest albums ‘Dechristianized’ and ‘Icons Of Evil’ are executed, two albums with similar attitude when listening to it in your living room. As bonus we have some club registrations, an interview with Lazaro and Suzuki (in case you doubt who is in charge), web links, discography and all kinds of everything to guide you through a proper “vitalogy”. I really want to mention that everything is embellished – as usual with Metal Mind Productions – in beautiful artwork with proper information (except the names of the members, that’s a minus). For the rest, fans of brutal death without concessions can put their beers cold. Your Ad Here