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Belphegor some videos

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I'm looking for decent live recordings of Belphegor. If you got some just let me know on the cbox or mail me.

Belphegor is an Austrian blackened death metal band named after the demon Belphegor (originally Baal-Peor) and formed in 1993.


1993: The now legendary demo on Maxi Cd format, BLOODBATH IN PARADISE, is circulated within the underground and earns BELPHEGOR the reputation of an unrepentant, blasting war machine.

1995: The first studio album, THE LAST SUPPER, is released on Lethal Records and is a welcomed collection of infernal hymns for their growing fan base. Following their own path of sin and befitting their ever-evolving anti-religious, anti-life attitude, BELPHEGOR’s logo gets revamped to incorporate two inverted crosses completely surrounded by blood representing the slaughter of Christians and martyrs.

1997: Last Episode Records releases BLUTSABBATH. BELPHEGOR’s sinister reputation continues to gain momentum.

2000: Stagnation means death! The band spreads their disease once again via NECRODAEMON TERRORSATHAN, logging yet another volume of blasphemy added to The Vatican Library.

2002: BELPHEGOR celebrates their 10th anniversary by capturing a live set with songs played even faster than their original studio recordings on INFERNAL LIVE ORGASM (released on their own label, Phallelujah Productions).

2003: Produced by Alex Krull at Mastersound Studios, BELPHEGOR cram their high-speed murderous brutality into the 8-track release of LUCIFER INCESTUS, and then tour throughout Europe.

2005: The band opts to once again to work with Krull at Mastersound to create the morbid GOATREICH - FLESHCULT for Napalm Rec., and later touring Europe with the infamous X-Mass Festival. “We don’t give a fuck about anything and don’t let anyone talk us into doing anything. Only the music counts!”

In February-March 2007 the band will tour North America with Unleashed, Krisiun and Hatesphere, and will play at the famous Wacken Open Air festival in August.

Bluhtsturm Erotika

Hell's Ambassador

Vomit Upon The Cross

Lucifer Incestus

Bleeding Salvation
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