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Mayhem - NYC, NY 6/10/01

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Mayhem (often called 'The True Mayhem') is a black metal band, formed in 1984[1] in Oslo, Norway. The band name is taken from the Venom song, Mayhem with Mercy.[2] Much controversy has followed the various murders, suicides and other forms of violence that surrounded the band in the early years. Mayhem is considered one of the most controversial bands in modern musical history, especially due to the vast number of urban legends and myths surrounding their early years, and the controversies have often overshadowed the music, especially in recent years due in part to the Internet and magazine articles.

Over time Mayhem has evolved through a variety of black metal styles, delving at times into areas of dark avant-garde industrial and electronica. Highly influential, the group is widely considered to be one of the cornerstones of the black metal movement

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Part 2

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