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Hate Eternal - St Pete, FL 8/9/03

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Hate Eternal

Hate Eternal is an extreme death metal band from Florida. It was formed in 1999, while founder/frontman Erik Rutan was touring and recording as co-lead guitarist for legends Morbid Angel. The band is one of the most powerful and impressive trios live, consisting of Rutan on lead vocals and guitar, Derek Roddy on drums, and Randy Piro on bass and backing vocals. They have released three albums to date: Conquering the Throne (1999), King of All Kings (2002) and I, Monarch (2005). The last two were also produced by Rutan. The initial lineup, heard on their first album, also included Doug Cerrito from the famous band Suffocation. more...

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Part 6
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