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Behemoth - At The Left Hand Ov God

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This album is epic as fuck and doesn't relent in brutality. It is simply amazing. The song structures are varied but maintain a constant theme. I found this to be a lot better than Demigod in production quality of various aspects in that every single word of the album was not overlaid which adds to the effect. Overlaying is supposed to be used for emphasis which it was in this album. It also has a clearer sound than on Demigod.

This album contains music that spans metal from epic masterpieces such as "At the Left Hand ov God" and "Inner Sanctum" all the way to thrash-like songs such as "Prometherion" and "Kriegsphilosophie".

This album is about the rejection of beliefs which is an excellent theme. It draws the audience in by giving a sense of rebellion to them which is in human nature and then it pummels them with insane riffing and blast beats that leave them only wanting more.

The album opens up with a female vocalization and then slams head-on into a few epic chords that set you up to be pulverized by "Slaying the Prophets of Isa". It goes down through the tracks and slowly draws more and more toward and epic and less thrash-like mood and then cuts out with the same female vocalization as before to tie the entire masterpiece together into one epic album.

Behemoth has outdone themselves with "The Apostasy". I only hope they can keep this up for their next album. Your Ad Here


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