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Carcass - Auckland (Oct 15th 2008)

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CARCASS recently completed its first North American tour since first reuniting early this year.

In a recent interview with Voices From The Darkside, guitarist Bill Steer was asked if there is a possibility of a "real" CARCASS tour taking place later on if the current reunion shows go well. "It's a possibility," he replied. "But to be honest, I have serious doubts that this will really happen. There are many reasons for that, especially on the practical side. We all have our own lives, our own bands, and all kinds of things which we have to take care of. This playing at festivals is already a very big step for me. We can still have a look at all that once we have done all these festivals. I think that after those gigs, everybody will probably like to have some time off anyway. In the beginning of our career, we played so many gigs. We're not going to plan such a hectic tour schedule like we had in the past, that would ruin everything. We're going to have a look at everything and then we'll see. Somebody already proposed a tour of two weeks through the States to us. Something like that is somehow realistic."

Asked if he thinks there is a chance that a new CARCASS album will be recorded at some point, Steer said, "I would be very surprised if that would really happen. But never say never, I'm always the last one who needs to be convinced. Michael [Amott, guitar] and Jeff [Walker, bass/vocals] are much more busy with those things than I am. I'm also not very much involved in the planning of all the festivals which are scheduled. At this moment, I barely know in which countries we're all going to play (laughs)."

For a complete list of upcoming CARCASS shows, go to this location.

CARCASS' reunion lineup:

Bill Steer (FIREBIRD) - Vocals, Guitar
Jeff Walker (BRUJERIA) - Vocals, Bass
Michael Amott (ARCH ENEMY) - Guitar
Daniel Erlandsson (ARCH ENEMY) - Drums Your Ad Here


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