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Moonspell - Under the Moonspel

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Moonspell is a Portuguese black metal/gothic metal band with death/doom metal elements, formed in 1989 as Morbid God. After renaming themselves Moonspell in 1992, they released their first EP Under the Moonspell in 1994, a year before of the release of their first album Wolfheart. The band quickly gained status and became one of the most recognizable metal bands from Portugal.

Moonspell reached the Portuguese top first with their album Sin/Pecado, and were, along with Metallica and Iron Maiden, the only metal band to reach the first place of the Portuguese charts after the release of their latest album, Memorial, in 2006. With Memorial, Moonspell also became the first Portuguese heavy metal band to have a record certified gold status. They are also very popular in Germany, where Memorial entered in 68th in the Top 100 Chart.
Track listing

1. "Allah Akbar! La Allah Ella Allah! (Praeludium/Incantatum Solstitium)" – 1:51
2. "Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento I/Erudit Compendyum) (Interludium/Incantatum Oequinoctium)" – 7:25
3. "Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento II/Erotic Compendyum)" – 6:02
4. "Opus Diabolicum (Andamento III/Instrumental Compendyum)" – 4:22
5. "Chorai Lusit├ónia! (Epilogus / Incantatam Maresia)" – 1:46 Your Ad Here


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