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Obituary - Frozen Alive

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One of the greatest death metal bands in an incredible live performance from Poland - for the first time on DVD! This DVD cannot be missed by a genuine Obituary fan as it is a complete review of the band's music, featuring songs both old and new, all testifying to the musicians' technical perfection, charisma, and excellence. The DVD also includes lots of sensational bonus materials including the "Insane" video, the previously unreleased "On the Floor" video, an interview with Frank Watkins & Trevor Peres, an interview with John & Donald Tardy, 3 documentaries - the making of "Insane", the making of "Frozen in Time" album, and "Backstage in Poland" and more!

Track List:

1. (Intro: Rain)

2. Redneck Stomp

3. On the Floor

4. Insane

5. Chopped in Half

6. Turned Inside Out

7. Dying

8. (Internal Bleeding Intro)

9. Internal Bleeding

10. Back to One

11. Find the Arise

12. Back Inside

13. Threatening Skies

14. By the Light

15. (Kill for Me Intro)

16. Kill for Me

17. Solid State

18. Stand Alone

19. Back from the Dead

20. Lockjaw

21. Slow Death

22. ‘Til Death

23. Slowly We Rot

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