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Mayhem - Cult Of Aggression

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The original film, "Cult of Aggression", was released in 2002 and received its world premiere in 2004 at the Oslo Filmfestival, where it was shown twice.

"The first documentary about MAYHEM, 'Cult of Aggression', was about their history — mainly about their music, but, of course, if a band has such a bloody history as MAYHEM, you can't [leave] that out of the documentary," Rydehed previously told BLABBERMOUTH.NET.

"'Cult of Aggression' was mainly with Manheim and Necro Butcher but had a few parts about Dead when I used a voice-over and some folks who lived in KrÄkstad when the band had their rehersal/livingplace there," Rydehed added Your Ad Here


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