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Vital Remains - Evil Death (LIVE)

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The American brutal death metal band Vital Remains released earlier this year their latest album ‘Icons Of Evil’, but now we have a DVD registration of their concert at March, 24th 2007 in Spodek, Katowice, better known as the Metalmania Festival. This is obviously the place to be, considering Poland’s reputation with its preference for extreme metal. The audience lifts the roof indeed.

The last two albums were sung by Deicide frontman Glen Benton, never in want of any rebellious statement. This gig is featured by Damien Boynton taking care of vocal duties, but he does it graceful, long hairs blowing on tight rhythms and quasi-nonchalant walking over the extensive stage. Principally Vital Remains exists of the unshakable duo Tony Lazaro (rhythm guitarist in a live situation) and Dave Suzuki (lead guitarist and fast as his Japanese motorcycle). The rhythm section this evening includes Brian Hobbie (bass) and Antonio Donadeo (drums). They serve you more than one hour mauling at your favourite rhythm. Without fringes, with lashings of inciting guitar skills.

As I said before, the gig at Metalmania is featured on the DVD. Mainly songs coming from the two latest albums ‘Dechristianized’ and ‘Icons Of Evil’ are executed, two albums with similar attitude when listening to it in your living room. As bonus we have some club registrations, an interview with Lazaro and Suzuki (in case you doubt who is in charge), web links, discography and all kinds of everything to guide you through a proper “vitalogy”. I really want to mention that everything is embellished – as usual with Metal Mind Productions – in beautiful artwork with proper information (except the names of the members, that’s a minus). For the rest, fans of brutal death without concessions can put their beers cold. Your Ad Here


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