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Abysmal Dawn - Walk the Path of Fire (Live)

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LA's Abysmal Dawn play death metal in a 1990s vein, bringing to mind greats like Malevolent Creation, Suffocation, Angelcorpse, Monstrosity, Morbid Angel, Gorguts and many, many, many others. They include Carcass/Testament technicality in their attack too but, for the most part, sound like a classic USDM band. Originality has been left outside the door. In other words, "Programmed to Consume" is pure death metal, competently played, well written, nicely packaged and cleaner than the Pope's boxer shorts.

Away from the chopping and shredding, some of the lead work strays into thrash territory and the use of shrieking vocals to complement the growls (especially on the title track and 'The Descent') lend a black-ish feel. It would in my book be insulting to refer to this as melodic death, but it's crisp and precisely-executed stuff that's noticeably less grinding than we've come to expect from Relapse recently. Your Ad Here


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