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Nile - Sacrifice Unto Sebek

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The song ‘Sacrifice Unto Sebek’ though short, also stands out as a very powerful and quick song that showcases Nile’s songwriting ability perfectly. The song is rather catchy and the guitar work is superb as it mixes low and high playing into a brutal mesh of guitar and drum work. The double-bass pedals are very pronounced and greatly enhance the song. The chanting of “Tua Ashemu, Tua Ashemu, Rekhes Au Sebek, Tua Ashemu” keeps with the Egyptian theme and sounds as though it is a much more brutal version of an early metal chant. This is Nile’s equivalent of ‘Breaking the Law’ in that aspect and is absolutely unique in their ability to have a two minute blast of brutality linger in the thoughts of the listener for hours. Throughout this release the guitar is very up front and utilized perfectly. The riffing is unique and very technical throughout with styles like tremolo picking very pronounced in songs like ‘Lashed to the Slave Stick’. Your Ad Here


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