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Krisiun - Kings Of Killing

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Comprised of three brothers, they have an extensive discography by this point, with seven full-lengths and a couple EPs floating around internationally. “Live Armageddon” isn’t the best example of a music DVD I’ve ever encountered, though it does indeed have its moments, which should please eager fanatics who have never seen this trio perform live.

Poland’s 2004 Metalmania festival plays host to KRISIUN during the first part of this release and since the recording is suave, it’s no surprise that the above performance serves as the foundation here. While the sound and visuals glimmer naturally, the fact that the members themselves are spread far apart on stage makes the experience a little less exciting than I prefer. Also, the fest barriers limit the audience interaction and I can’t help but feel detached during their performance. Still, they touch on respectable numbers such as “Dawn Of Flagellation,” “Murderer,” and “Conquerors Of Armageddon,” even though Metalmania peters out after only nine songs. The “bonus video,” as it were, is a recording of a 2004 effort from Sao Paulo, Brazil and as an astute conjecture would predict, the tracklist does indeed overlap. There are a few songs that don’t, but the heavy hitters appear in both concerts, automatically killing the need to re-watch the inferior of the two. The Sao Paulo footage, while featuring a more intimate crowd, is not on par with the other recording. As one moves along to Wacken 2001, the footage takes an even deeper dive by relying on a handheld video camera for the entire set and when the smoke machines eject their loads, it’s hilarious because you won’t be able to see a thing. Nonetheless, it’s fun to watch the Wacken crowd react and KRISIUN do put on a good live show. In addition to the live material, “Live Armageddon” has the “Works Of Carnage” recording sessions, the “Murderer” music video, a biography, discography, photo gallery, etc., etc., etc. Your Ad Here


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